Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meet Dominic...

Dominic (Dom) Anthony Russo

(Model Pic: no-idea-who-he-is-but-he’s-so-yummy-i-can’t-stand-it)
Birthday: September 5th, 1980
Age: 29 (22 mortal years, 6.5 vampire years)
Hair: Black, Shaggy
Eyes: Steel-Blue
Height: 6’ 3”

Dominic (preferably called Dom) was placed into the Illinois State foster care system as an infant. He knows nothing of his biological parents. The foster homes he was placed in were less than loving. He grew up with people who wanted the extra paycheck every month and gave two shits about his well-being.
In kindergarten he met a little girl, Angelica, whom he befriended (and also fell in love with) on the playground. He spent a lot of time at her house growing up and any knowledge he had of loving families was gained through observing her home life and being treated like the son her parents never had. Afraid of destroying their friendship, Dom never revealed his true feelings to Angelica. Instead, he learns to be content with what he can have with her.

At a young age Dom decided he wanted to be a police officer. As a result of his upbringing, it was his mission to put away all of the lowlifes who practice neglect and abuse. He worked hard in school and gained a scholarship to Northwestern University where he majored in Police Science with an unofficial minor in one-night stands. ;) Angelica also attended Northwestern for pre-med and they remained inseparable friends throughout their college careers.

While walking home one night Dom was kidnapped by Griffin, a member of the Diabolus Umbra (soulless vampires). He was turned that night, but managed to escape during his change. He was found by another vampire (not of the soulless variety), Damien, who became Dom’s mentor and teacher. Eventually Dom was invited to become a Hunter like Damien and now – over six years since being turned – he spends his nights hunting and killing the Umbra who terrorize the people of Chicago. When he’s not hunting, he hides in the shadows to keep a close watch on Angelica (who believes him to be dead) to make sure no harm ever comes to her, while secretly longing to be by her side…in more ways than one.

[super big sigh of longing]

So, what do you think of our Hero?


  1. Oh Hell Yeah! I LOVE tattoos that encircle the biceps! Great choice, Gina (PS -- I saw this yesterday and meant to stop by but got sidetracked by kiddo and never made it back! Sorry!).

  2. I love tattoos too! Personally, I think his is a little on the weak side, but I don't usually get much past his face anyway. It's hard to believe someone gave birth to such perfection. I favor the theory he was sculpted by the gods. Thanks for stopping, girlfriend!

  3. I ♥ him! And you know I felt that way before the picture. Your description of him and his storyline was what drew me in. Now I'm such a goner! ;)

  4. I'll be back to read your chapter one post on Sunday! I can't wait...:)

  5. One last thing...I have an award for you!

  6. Your story sounds great, and the model is dreamy (plus the character sounds like a good one).

    I'm not so sure about his name, though. I know just enough about the BDSM world to raise an eyebrow to a guy called "Dom", and I'm doubting I am the only one. It's a distraction. So if no one's brought that up, I just thought I'd raise the concern!

  7. Guinevere - thanks for your concern about his name, but Dom is a popular shortened version of Dominic. It's an Italian name with the ability of being shortened, which is a key element used in the relationship dynamic between my characters. I hope people aren't distracted by the "other" meaning, but I can't do much about that. Thanks for raising your concern, though. :)


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