Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Power of Projection (or, Stuff I Want to Happen in 2012)

The end of yet another year approaches, and so begins the timeless act of making promises to oneself for the new year. Things we will do better to improve our quality of life and of those around us.

This year I'm going to do something to improve my chances of having a spectacular 2012. I'm going to harness the power of projection by writing about the coming year as though it's already happened. I'm going to carve my goals, wishes, and things I wouldn't mind happening into The Cosmos (otherwise known as the interwebz where anything posted remains in the universe forever and the rules of "take backs" and "do-overs" do not exist), thereby practically ensuring my complete success.

So, without further ado, here is what happened to me in 2012...

Early in the year my dream agent contacted me and asked for a full based on a query I sent her with some sample chapters. After I sent off the full DESIRES OF THE SOUL manuscript, it only took a few days before she contacted me asking if we could speak on the phone.

I had a lovely conversation with her regarding my manuscript. She said it still needed some work, but that she felt passionately about the story and wanted to work with me to build my career. Before we hung up my dream agent offered me representation, to which I accepted enthusiastically (consequently getting me kicked out of the library for interrupting Story Time for Tots with my shouts of "YES YES YES!" while jumping around like a deranged kangaroo).

About this time I discovered a miracle pill that transforms all food into fat-burning, muscle-toning energy. As a result of taking that pill only once I quickly acquired the body I had at seventeen and haven't gained a pound since.

Once I signed the contract with my literary agent I spent the next couple of months working with her to polish and perfect my manuscript to get it into salable shape. As soon as it was ready, my agent sent DESIRES OF THE SOUL out to several NY publishers

While we waited to hear back from the different editors I finished SOUL SEDUCTION and continued the first draft of SOUL OF A HUNTER, the last two books in the Prophecy of Souls trilogy. I also spent time plotting for the spin-off series, Hunters of the Dark Race (which has the acronym of HotDR and always makes me giggle).

I was completely blindsided and touched when I received word that my kids had secretly entered me in a contest: I came in first place for America's Mother of the Year!

In honor of my award, my family sent me to Napa Valley for a rejuvenating spa trip where I spent the entire week sipping wine, getting pampered, and writing to my heart's content without interruption.

Upon my return, my agent called me with the fantastic news that my manuscript was in a three-way bidding war with top NY publishers! I was beyond ecstatic and agent and I enjoyed a few minutes of telephonic squealing reminiscent of the days when you heard the hunky high school quarterback wanted to ask you to prom.

After a few weeks I was given word by my lovely agent that DotS had found a home with [insert name of amazing publishing house here] in a six-figure, three-book deal!

To celebrate, I went back to the Napa Valley spa and took my literary agent and a handful of my best writing friends with me. After all, without their help, encouragement, and unconditional belief in me I wouldn't have had as successful of a year as I did.

Yes, the year 2012 was indeed a fruitful one, but it wasn't without hard work and determination. They say, "you get back what you put in," and I have every intention of giving everything I've got to being a great wife, wonderful mother, and successful writer. Then again, they also say, "you are what you eat," so I'm not entirely sure how literal I should take them.

I hope all of you are enjoying your holiday season and gearing up to have a fabulous 2012! I know I am. :)


  1. Okay, first of all, you need to share that pill with your Auntie Mar. Then, when making reservations at the Spa in Napa Valley, don't forget your Auntie Mar. Other than that, I can easily see 2012 rolling just as you've predicted! Now...after reading and going through 2012 with you...I need a nap. Love you bunches!

  2. When you get your hands on that pill, you'd better get me one, cuz srsly, that'd be awe-some. And here's to hoping that your 2012 rocks it! For my 2012, I'm going to finish up my current WIP, send it to agents and get representation. Oh, it's going to happen for both of us. :)

  3. I'm way behind. I thought all that already happened. I've been working all 2011 to steal your Mother of the Year award away and now I find out you get in 2012 too? What a waste of my time. Well, congrats!


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