Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wee-Bit Wednesday: Desert Walker Edition

One of my regular posts, uh, back when I posted regularly, was what I called Wee-Bit Wednesdays. This was my take on the Teaser Tuesdays that everyone in the blogosphere did at the time. Same premise, different day. [side note: now some people do WIP Wednesdays, like my phenomenally talented friend, Ruthie Knox - check her out too!]

Now that I once again have WIPs (two to be exact) I want to bring this back as an opportunity to show you guys what I'm working on and bring you along on my journey as I attempt my second and third books in the Prophecy of Souls trilogy.

(Also, I'm hoping to draw you into my web deep enough that you'll put on the velour sweat suits, drink the kool-aid and eventually purchase my books when they're published. But, you know, semantics.)

So, to kick off this awesome weekly (or bi-weekly, or bi-monthly...okay, really the only guarantee is that it will always be on a Wednesday...which Wednesdays will be a fun surprise, much like finding the center of a tootsie pop) here is a Wee-Bit from the final book of the trilogy, Soul Seduction.


Gabriel took several long pulls of his cold beer, not even taking the time to enjoy the taste, just needing it to quench his thirst and give him the false sense of hydration. Looking out at the dusty highway and stretch of desert beyond, he wondered how his family was doing back in Chicago. How long had it been since he’d called? Six months? Nine? He reached down with one hand and absently scratched Czar’s head as he tried to remember. Well, however long it had been, it’d been a while ago. He should probably call. They didn’t have his number or his address. Their only regular proof of life was the unmarked package he had to ship them once a month. His mom was probably having fits and ranting about stress wrinkles, which was impossible, considering she’d stopped aging twenty-six years ago before he’d even been born.

Czar sat up quickly and looked down the endless stretch of desert highway.

"Customer coming, boy?" It wasn’t unusual for the dog to sense or hear the people who were forced to walk to his shop. In the middle of absolutely nowhere, his place was the only one for miles that could offer repairs if something should go wrong. He also had a gas pump he kept stocked for the occasional piss-poor cross-country planner, and if they needed it, a clean and sparse room to sleep for a night or two. He hated the intrusion on his privacy, hated dealing with touristy travelers, but it helped pay the bills and fund his restoration hobby, so he dealt with it as best he could.

As the figure started to take shape behind the wavy lines of heat rising from the asphalt, Gabriel drained the last of his beer and set it on the table. This was no ordinary cross-country tourist. For one, she was alone, and no male companion in his right mind would send her on ahead while he stayed behind. And for two, she didn’t have that panicky oh-my-God-what-am-I-going-to-do edge to her that most people had when they approached him in hopes he was the oasis they’d seen advertised on the roadside signs he’d made.

Nope. This girl was actually sauntering up the highway as though this type of thing happened to her all the time.

A straw-woven cowboy hat protected her from the harsh desert sun and prevented him from getting a good look at her face, but as his eyes trailed farther down, he could’ve cared less what her face looked like. The tails of her white sleeveless button-down top were tied in a knot under her breasts, baring a long and slender midriff that damn near gave the impression she was half-naked until the band of her low-rise jean shorts ruined it just as he was getting to the good part. Fortunately, the material was so minimal that the bottoms of her pockets peeked out from under the frayed hems, revealing mile-long tanned legs with cowboy boots eating up the road in graceful strides.


Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a fantastic Hump Day!

Ciao, bellas.

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  1. Yay for snippets! (And thanks for the pimp.)

    Love the excerpt. Very visual. I can see her coming, and she looks like trouble.

    My favorite part, though, has to be the phrase, "and for two." Only a certain sort of guy thinks this way, and I like him already.


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