Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blog Award Love!!

And the winner is...ME!  *stands up, hands over mouth, looks around in complete shock, heads to the stage, accepts award with a shaky, but firm grip.*

Oh my gosh! I didn't even prepare a speech. This is such a surprise...I just never expected...

Um, okay, well first, I'd like to thank the Academy of Cruising Altitude and DL Hammons for giving me this award. Without you and your unwavering support, I may never have had the courage to continue blogging, much less embraced the idea of doing so prolificly (is that a word?).

Next, I'd like to thank all of my followers who have commented on my crazy posts, making me giggle in delight that they took the time out of their busy schedules to listen to my errant ramblings and say something back. I can't tell you how much it brightens my day and pushes me to do better with each new post.

And last, but not least, I'd like to let my silent followers, whom I haven't yet had the pleasure of commenting back and forth, know that I appreciate the fact they thought enough of my blog to click on that little "Follow" button and show the blogosphere they have no shame in linking their profile pictures to my site. I hope that one day I post something that inspires you to comment, giving me the opportunity to finally meet you.

And now what you've all been waiting for...the passing of the Award Torch. I'm giving this award to five blogs that I both love, and have a hard time keeping up with due to their incredible dedication for daily posts, of which I hope I will accomplish at some point in my life. I encourage you to visit and follow.

  1. Shannon Whitney Messenger of Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe: Okay, I admit I'm a newbie follower of Shannon's, but once I found her, I eagerly gobbled up as many past posts as I could. She's witty and uses lots of great pictures that add to the hilarity of her posts. I'm really glad I found her blog.

  2. Megan Rebekah of Megan Rebekah Blogs and Writes: First, she gets points just for having the coolest spelling of her second (middle?) name. I love it. Second, holy cow, folks, look out! Megan is one of those crazy every-dayers in the blogging world and I'm super grateful she is. Her posts make me laugh out loud, which can be unfortunate since I'm usually reading it at work. It makes me looks like a lunatic who finally went over the edge.

  3. Summer of ...and This Time, Concentrate: Summer is a great blogger and recently finished writing her novel Eternal Spring. To celebrate she's hosting an awesome contest. Aside from that she has awesome posts that show her fun personality. If you haven't already, check her out.

  4. Nicole Hadaway of All Things Smart and Scary: Nicole is a very talented, already published, author who blogs religiously on a wide variety of topics. She's incredibly knowledgeable about vampire lore and tons of other things. She runs with the big dogs and often features their work on her Writer Wednesday posts. She's no joke, people. Her blog writing style is fun and playful wrapped around information galore. I'm honored to call her "friend."

  5. Jamie Burch (formerly known as Chasing the Moon) of Dancing Down Serendipity Street: Jamie is one of the SWEETEST people I've come to know and gives just as much inspiration as she claims to get from everyone else. She's currently reworking her blogging image, but soon will be up and running, inspiring creativity in blog followers everywhere.
So there you have it. Thanks again, DL, for my award and I hope that the Fab Five I gave it to will gain many new followers, as that is what they deserve.  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Awwww, thank you honey! I'm honoured to call you friend too! Though I haven't been running with any dogs lately b/c I'm busy trying to edit my monstro-- I mean, sequel ;-)

    Love the blog makeover and congrats on all your new followers and awards! I'm slightly jealous on the awards front....;-)

  2. Yay! Thanks for the award, I love it!
    (and I wish I could take credit for most of the laughter on my blog, but I put that solely on the shoulders of the inventor of men's nightshirts, without whom our world might be a little less silly!)

  3. Thanks, Gina! I'm honored to be included in such prestigious company! :-) And congratulations yourself!

  4. Aw, thank you so much! *blushes* I'm glad you enjoy my blog (and that you don't find the shenanigans that go on there to be a little...strange) Or maybe you do. Maybe you're realizing it was a mistake to give me this award.'s too late. You can't take it back. It's mine!

    *tucks award under coat and runs away with flailing muppet arms*

  5. Woohoo!!! Congratulations, Gina!!! Thank you SO much for honoring me with all these fabulous bloggers. It really is a sweet surprise. *Hugs* and moon love to you!

    Big congrats everyone! (Sorry, kind of giddy this evening.)

  6. Lol...I just have to share this. My security code had the words man up in it. Is that a message for me???

  7. Congrats! DL rocks, doesn't he?! lol.

  8. You're so welcome, girls! Each and every one of you deserve the recognition for making my days just that much brighter with your blogs. Even your COMMENTS make me laugh! lol <--see? I totally just lol'ed because of you guys. If that's not proof, then I don't know what is. ;)

    Jamie-I love that you mentioned your security word. I've wanted to start a bloggint trend where you add your security word at the end of your comments for all to see. I think they're so funny. Here's mine right now:


    which in some states is the way you pronounce the plural form of oven. :p

  9. Hi Nicole! I'm following you, too. :) Thanks so much for signing on. I can't wait to learn from each other.

  10. The Academy would have enjoyed your acceptance speech...if they had heard it. You were cut off after 25 words. Got keep on schedule you know! :)

    Nicely done!! I was already following four of your five choices, and picked up a new one.

    PS. I'm not sure if this picked up or not, but I wrote in a book title on your widget. What about Destiny's Desire? Just a thought.

  11. LOL - Damn, DL, those Academy rules are strict! I've never been one for "short and sweet." Oh well.

    I'm not sure how that stinkin' "other" option works. There's a few votes for "other" but I can't see what people wrote, so I appreciate you letting me know. I like Destiny's Desire! I'll add it to my pile o' options. Spanx!! :)


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