Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wee-Bit Wednesday: Calendar Guy Edition

Hooray for my first Wee-Bit Wednesday of 2012! Now that I'm working on the third book in the Prophecy of Souls trilogy, SOUL SEDUCTION, all of my WBWs for the next couple of months will be from this one. (BTW, yes, I realize I haven't written the second one yet, but #2 isn't being nearly as cooperative as #3 so I have to go with the flow.)

In the first WBW I did for SS (if you didn't see it, you can find it here) we're introduced to the hero, Gabriel, and his German shepherd, Czar, as they watch a woman walk toward them on the lonely stretch of desert road.

In this edition we switch to said woman's point of view as she gets her first good look at the handsome, if not a little surly, shop mechanic who's agreed to help her.

For those who love a good visual, Ava is modeled physically after the Latin pop-star, Shakira.

Playing our calendar boy in this clip is, Gabriel, also known in real life as model Marco Dapper. (Go HERE for more pics and stats of can thank me later)

Aaaaaaaaand, ACTION!
#     #     #

He grabbed a gallon of antifreeze from his meager stock and repeated, “Name’s Gabriel. Not Gabe.”

Ava smirked at his back and decided to ignore his surly attitude. As he walked over to the counter in the back corner, she followed and took another moment to admire him. His black hair was a few months overdue for a cut, the ends brushing his eyebrows that arched perfectly over the most killer aqua eyes she’d ever seen. A white cigarette peeked from behind his right ear, but oddly enough, she couldn’t smell the stale stench of smoked tobacco, nor had she noticed any butts lying around. He had to be almost six-and-a-half feet tall with the body of a Navy SEAL in his prime. Wearing nothing but biker boots, faded jeans, a leather cuff on his right wrist, and a grease-smudged wife-beater, the man was calendar material from head to toe. All he needed was a bucket of soapy water to pour over his body, which her vivid imagination happily supplied.

“That’ll be thirty-five dollars.”

The mention of money killed her calendar fantasy and breathed new life into the reality of her situation. “I don’t mean to look a gift mechanic in the mouth, Gabe, but how in the hell do you get off selling a gallon of antifreeze for thirty-five bucks?”

“Antifreeze is fifteen. The ride to your truck is twenty.”

“What?” she cried. “That’s outrageous!”

He shrugged one large shoulder. “That’s business.”

#     #     #

Isn't he adorable, folks? Okay, well, "adorable" probably isn't the best word, but you know what I mean. Thanks for stopping by and make sure you tune in next Wednesday when Ava tries to con Gabriel and it backfires on her, big time. ;)

Ciao, bellas!


  1. "All he needed was a bucket of soapy water to pour over his body, which her vivid imagination happily supplied." -- Love that line! Great snippet. So happy to hear you're back to Gabe & Ava at last. Are they still stuck kissing after all these months?

  2. No! They horizontal hokey-pokeyed last night as a matter of fact! LOL So relieved to get that out of the way. It only took 1314 words in 3 one-hour sprints late last night to get them hooked up. Hooray!

  3. Ummmm I'd punch him in the face...just sayin ;) Also Shakira is a great choice, she's hot! She also makes a great Eau Floral perfume. You should write that in, or not, cause it's totally irellevant. On a relevant note, isn't it hard to write the 3rd before the 2nd??

    1. Irrelevance isn't necessarily relevant. :) However, she already has a scent in the book. Gabriel describes it as "sex in an orange grove." BAM!

  4. I haven't read paranormal romance in forever! Now I can get a quick fix each week.

    This is going to be a fantastic book! Can't wait...:)


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